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Every project generates a mountain of paperwork. It is our aim to give the Client every assistance in managing a project from start to finish, both off and on site.

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No company or business is recession proof and then again sometimes the workload can just double overnight. Your business needs to be flexible enough to withstand these extremes.  Outsourcing your design work to PJTA could be the key.  Here are some benefits:-

R Removal of the need to recruit specialist staff for one off projects or workload upturns.

R No need to purchase the latest CAD software and hardware (because we have them).

R Improved efficiency and turnaround times for drawing output.

R Cost savings on your existing CAD/staff arrangements & better use of office space.

R The ease and flexibility of being able to call us in when ever you need us.

If you feel your company or business could benefit from outsourcing and wish to know more about all the services PJTA have to offer, then please give us a call or email.


We Could Become Your Outsourcing Partner.

Programme Of Works

R Programmes Of  Work  (using Microsoft Project software).

R Bills of Quantities, Forms of Tender & Conditions of Contract.

R Method/Task Statements, Risk Assessments.

R Contract Administration, Progress meetings, Site Instructions.

Programme Of Work

 PDF Brochure

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