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Roads, Footpaths, Sewers, Parking Facilities, Open Spaces and Environmental Improvements.

All Things Civil.

PJTA have the skills and knowledge to conceive, analyse, design and help deliver Civil Engineering projects.

This includes the civil engineering components of building projects, as well as the associated infrastructure of roads, footpaths, sewers, parking facilities, open spaces and environmental improvements.

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Civil Engineering

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Phone: 01480 353216

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Our Range Of Services Include:

R Design of building drainage and compliance with Building Regulations Part H.

R Design of adoptable drainage works.  Sewer diversions and build over agreements.

R Design of adoptable Highway works.  Horizontal and Vertical alignments.

R Design of parking facilities and Environmental Improvements.

R Provision of detailed designs, construction drawings and specifications.

R Procurement processing, Bills of Quantities, Tendering and Conditions of Contract.

R Project Management, on site monitoring, inspection and instruction to the Contractor.

R Highway and Drainage adoption procedures, Sections 38, 278 & 104 Agreements etc.

R Compliance with the Construction (Design and management) Regulations 2007.

Cemetery Extension, St. Ives, Cambs

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